31 décembre, 2015

Best products of 2015

Hi everybody! So 2015 is almost over, one day left! I thought about showing you the products I totally loved this year- a little best of, unfortunately I don't have that much time to write the article so  I limited it to five beauty products and a decoration product. I won't talk a lot today so I just start:

1 Black Opium - Yves Saint Laurent
2 Boi-ing Concealer - Benefit
3 The Pore Fessional - Benefit 
4 Natural Powder- Chanel
5 Rebel - Mac
6 Red Apple Wreath- Yankee Candle

What was your favorite product of this year? Happy new year, hugs x

23 décembre, 2015

Instagram Update

Hey guyyyys. How are you doing? Tomorrow is christmas! I'm so excited. Have you bought all your christmas presents? I finished today with my christmas shopping. There where so many people everywhereee. Like last year I won't fly home for christmas this year, I will celebrate christmas with my boyfriends family. I love spending time with them, they always do so many cute christmas decorations in their house and it's a very traditional french christmas :) Of course I'm a little sad about not seeing my family in Germany for christmas, but it was just a time problem and flights are just way too expensive around christmas. 

Oh and one thing that I have to announce you, I will get a little puppy! I'm so happy.We'll be driving to the coast next month to get him when he's old enough to leave his mother.

So I didn't post that much on instagram the last time, I always forgot it.. So there are not that much photos. But for those of you who are not on instagram you can see them here :)
Have all a merry christmas, hugs xx

09 décembre, 2015

Bad cooperation experience with Jexshop.com and other online shops

Hey guys! Today i want to talk about a bad experience with an online shop that I recently made. Normally I am always showing you the shops and products I like and that I recommend, but I thought why not tell you about those who are really to avoid and about my bad experience with them! Because one thing will be sure, I never will buy anything in a online store like that. 

So I got proposed to do a giveaway in cooperation with Jexshop for you guys, all I had to do is post an article on my blog where I tell you how to participate and a link to their page. You could win an item of your choice from their store and as a reward for me for writing the article and putting their banner on my blog said they send me two items. 
So I posted the article, you  guys were really happy and interested in it and let me plenty of comments. Three weeks after that, when the giveaway should end, they contacted me and told me the name of the winner so I can contact him. All worked out fine until this moment, I chose my two items and they said they will sent them out soon. Unfortunately they never contacted my winner for sending the item, and some days later they cancelled the order for the two items I picked. No answer to the mails I send them, no explanations. Sorry again, Marie
I got used, and not payed for my article and for the 5 weeks the banner was on my blog. 

Yes you can say hey, but see you get clothes and stuff for free and you don't even work for that, you only write your article and shoot some photos. But I can tell you that is work,too.  Yes, I have the chance that I like what I do and I get a remuneration for that but the remuneration is not really high (I'm not really a big popular blogger, haha) seen the time I spend on the articles. 
Some days ago I got another proposition, from another shop, they proposed me 15$ on their shop, in return they wanted me to write an article before they send me the items, and another one after I got them. With one million links to their shop and a banner on my page that should have stay there for one month. And the 15$ they proposed me where with shipping included. And shipping was so expensive that I couldn't even take something nice that I liked to really show it to you with my real opinion (because sorry I'll not take some ugly gloves for 3 euros with 10 euro shipping cost and then post 10 photos of them and tell you how nice they are, duh!) 

If you get propositions like that, really think about doing it and ask all the conditions. Or  even make them the conditions, they want a service from YOU!
So if any of you guys also made a bad experience doing a cooperation or why not a good one, let me know in the comments!

This post goes to all the online shops thinking they can use bloggers like that and make easy business. Pay attention, because bloggers could write a not so friendly article on their blog about their experience ;) 

06 décembre, 2015

Updates- December 6th

Hi everybody! I hope you're enjoying  pre-christmas time. I have to study for some exams at the  moment, I can't wait for the winter vacations. So sorry for not posting a lot I'll try to do better 
soon. I thought to post you some photos that I took during the week to update you a little. I got one of my christmas presents in advance, my boyfriend surprised me with this beautiful vanity table !! I love it so much. I also finally got my new over-the-knee boots that I ordered from the asos online shop, the packaging was just so cute. Let me know in the comments if you want to see them, but I think I will do an outfit post soon to show them to you.
Hugs, xx




24 novembre, 2015

Mini Sephora Haul

Hello ladies! If you read my last post about beauty advent calendars, you know that I wanted to buy the Benefit 'Party Poppers'. So this morning I head to the Sephora Store before University started because I heard that it was already almost sold out everywhere! And I got THE LAST ONE! I'm so happy haha. I payed 48,95 euros for it. So if it's not already sold out where you live and you're thinking about getting it, don't wait!
 I also got from benefit the boi-ing concealer, I use the N°01 light at the moment. They sell them for 24,00 euros I think.
Next thing I got is the nail polish 'Road to love' by sephora. I was searching for a neutral winter shade and I thought this one was perfect. You get them for 3,90 euros.
Then I had to buy two of the sephora masks, because they're just great. I took the Pearl Mask for perfecting and brightening and the Pomegranate Eye Mask for Anti-fatigue and energizing.One is 3,95euros. I love them because they are so easy to apply and you don't have to wash them off! It's perfect if you don't have very much time but want to relax a little. I did never try the eye mask but since I am often tired I had to take it when I saw it.. I will tell you more when I tried it out!
Hugs! xx

18 novembre, 2015

My favorite Beauty Advent calendars 2015

Hello ladies! We're in december in two weeks!! Yes I have to admit that I'm always crazy about advent calendars, I have every year about 2-3.. Don't judge me,haha.So I was recently searching for my advents calendars for this year and I thought to share this with you.
Here are my seven favorites.. hard to decide! I think I will definitely go for the Benefit 'Party Poppers' and perhaps the one by 'L'Occitane et My Little Paris'.. Why? Because those are brands that I love and I use many products of them. 
The Lush calendar looks cute too, but for this price I prefer going to the store and chose what I want from their products. Which one do you like? 

Benefit Cosmetics, 'Party Poppers', 48,95 €

L'Occitane et My little Paris,  39 €

Coffret 12 Days of Christmas, Lush, 84,95 €

Kerastase, 89 €

Body Shop, 85 €

Yankee Candles, 45,95 €

Sephora, 39,95 €

12 novembre, 2015

Winter wishlist with CHOIES

Hi guys! I hope you're fine. I found this online shop called CHOIES, and I love their clothes! That's why I thought I made a wishlist with some of my favorite clothes. Which one do you like the most?

Choies-The latest street fashion

29 octobre, 2015

New in- Nike


Hey guys! I hope you're having a great week. Mine has been good so far, this week we have autumn vacations so no university! Unfortunately that doesn't change that I have to go to work but oh well! I stopped by at the nike store last week and i fell in love with those lovely running shoes so I couldn't say no. And those pink trousers.. well, they're just so cute and pink! haha.. Hugs x 

15 octobre, 2015

New in- MAC

Hello ladies, yesterday I passed at the Mac store and bought these 2 lovely products. Well I didn't buy much but I wanted to share it with you, because I'm a huge MAC- fan and these products are some classics.The first one is the satin lipstick 'Rebel' that probably everybody knows, haha! I just love this shade, it's so perfect for autumn and winter. And I swear I applied it one time this morning and it almost lasted until I came home at the evening! Second product is the eye brow pencil in 'spiked'. I'll tell you more about it after I tried it.

How is your week going so far? My family will arrive in France this week end and I can't wait! It's been a while that I haven't seen them.
So it's time for cooking again, haha.. By the way I'll make a chocolate cake tomorrow, let me know if you want me to post you the receipt! Hugs xx

12 octobre, 2015

Blair Waldorf inspired

Bag- Mango/ Shirt- Primark

Hello ladies! I recently started rewatching Gossip girl and since I love Blair Waldorf, I thought I try to inspire me from her outfits. Her style is just classy and timeless.. I hope you like the outfit! Oh and while we were taking the photos that cute kitty cat was playing next to us:) I thought I'd share it with you guys! 

Soo now I think I'm gonna start cooking soon, perhaps some baked potatoes with cheese and vegetables and a cream dip. I'm not sure yet. My babe's playing the new Batman game on the Playstation4 and he's so in the game I think he won't even notice I'm cooking, haha. Enjoy your evening, hugs x