29 juillet, 2015

Lmlespetitestrouvailles- jewelry and accessoiries

Hello ladies! Today i want to present you the online shop www.lmlespetitestrouvailles.com  
On their page they offer you original jewelry and accessoiries. I chose this cute little bag.When you touch it you can feel that it's really a high quality product. I definitley recommend you to check it out! 

Salut les filles; Aujourd'hui je voudrais vous présenter www.lmlespetitestrouvailles.com, un site internet ou vous pouvez commander des bijoux et des petits accessoires originaux en ligne.
Le petit sac que la très aimable Laetitia de LMlespetitestrouvailles m'a envoyé est de très bonne qualité. ça faut vraiment le coup de passer sur ce site pour regarder leurs jolies bijoux, je vous le recommande les filles! 

22 juillet, 2015

Unpacking- Babyliss iCurl elegance

Hey guys! I'm sorry again, it's been a long time that i didn't post anything. I was pretty busy with work and so tired all the time. I wanted to show you this streightener and curler by babyliss 'icurl elegance' that i ordered some weeks ago. It arrives in a black box. There's a violet cute little bag with it for keeping the streightener save, a hairbrush and some hair accesoiries. I really like how it makes the hair, only thing i don't like is that you can't close the streightener once you used it. But that doesn't matter me so much. The streightener costs about 80 Euros. Do you use the same one? If yes what do you think about it? 

13 juillet, 2015

Impressions- San Sebastián

                                                                                 Bag- Mango // Dress- Lookbookstore 

Hey guys, I'm back with some impressions of San Sebastián, a beautiful city in the north of spain! What i love about this city is that there are tapas restaurants everywhere. If you have the occasion, stop there! I personally prefer Barcelona, but it's really nice and not as touristic. 

We'll be going back there in some weeks for the firework perhaps, because it's just 1 hour from where i am working for the summer vacations. How is your summer so far? Bisous, A.

06 juillet, 2015

At the beach

Hey guys, today I didn't work so we spent the day at the beach. I love my shorts, unfortunately you can't see the colour on the photos like it is in real. They are in a light neon-orange. I didn't want to take my camera to the beach so quality is not the best, sorry! Hope you had a nice day and it's not too hot where you are. kisses!

01 juillet, 2015

Must have's for the beach season

Hello ladies, I started my summer job this week and since i'll be at the beach every day i thought to show you the products i use and which work the best for me! What is your favorite product/ must have for the beach season? 

For my hair i use at the moment the 'Mythic oil' by L'oréal Paris. Every time i go to the beach i put some of it in my hair ( you don't need much) to not dry it out too much because of the sun. I even use it the evenings after the shower when my hair is wet.

Then i use the 'Atlas Mountain Rose' fragrance mist. I love it, it's super refreshing and smells like roses.


The evenings after the beach (actually 365 days a year, but i think it's really effective for the summer time) i always use the 'Rosense' Rosewater. It takes of all the rests of sun cream and cleans your face.

And not to forget the sun cream- i use the 'Garnier Ambre Solaire' 50+ - i recommend to not use one that has less than that, unless your already a brownie! There are so many people that think they don't tan at all with a 50+, but you do. It's just more save for your skin

Another product for my skin that i use is the 'Mousti kologne' -an anti-mosquito spray, because i so hate it to get stiched and the itching afterwards.. and it's not pretty to have those stiches everywhere on your body. And a little plus for me is that i kind of like the smell. I love everything that smells good!! I would describe it as a fragrance with citron and vanilla.

And the last one is product that's actually made for baby's. Cleansing wipes, they are without parfums and i think it's so easy to take with you in your bag, whenever you need one after lunch or if you feel like washing your hand but there's no toilet- it cleans and let's a soft feeling.

I'll let you with some photos of the beach- By the way, let me know if you are interested of my what i want - list for summer products. Hugs!