25 août, 2015

JOLIE for Pink Box 2015

Hello ladies! This morning i found this surprise from Pink Box in my letterbox and I couldn't wait to show you: The JOLIE for Pink box 2015. A special edition with 5 beauty products and the JOLIE magazine. A big thank you to Pink Box for sending it to me.
The products that I got in my box: The KNEIPP- almond blossom bodylotion 2,95€, 75 ml, MAYBELLINE-Colorshow in 'Crushed Cayenne', 2,75 €, 7ml, OTTOMAN- Dalan d'Olive intensiv Cream, 1,75€, 20ml, CATRICE- Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette, 4,99€, 6g, MIRO- Magic perfumed Bath and Shower gel, 4,95€, 150 ml, BROADWAY NAILS- imPRESS Press-On Manicure, 6,95 €, 24 Stück, JIVE with champagne & cherry blossom, Hellofresh- a 20 euro present card for one of their Cooking-boxes, and the JOLIE magazine edition August 2015. As you can see on the photos, when you open the box you see the fancy paper and you have to open it like a present, which i found super cute! The products are really useful and good quality, as I now all of the brands. If you like surprises, girly things, you should try out the boxes, you can just buy the special edition by JOLIE, or you can subscribe to receive one of their boxes every month.

Hallo ladies! Heute morgen war diese Überraschung von PINK BOX, und ich konnte nicht lange warten, sie euch zu zeigen: Die JOLIE for Pink Box 2015. Eine Special Edition mit 5 Beauty Produkten und dem Jolie Magazin. Ein großes Dankeschön an die Pink Box dafür.
Die in meiner Box enthaltenen Produkte: Die KNEIPP- Mandelblüten Hautzart leichte Körperlotion 2,95€, 75 ml, MAYBELLINE-Colorshow in 'Crushed Cayenne', 2,75 €, 7ml, OTTOMAN- Dalan d'Olive intensiv Creme, 1,75€, 20ml, CATRICE- Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette, 4,99€, 6g, MIRO- Magic perfumed Bath and Shower gel, 4,95€, 150 ml, BROADWAY NAILS- imPRESS Press-On Manicure, 6,95 €, 24 Stück, JIVE mit Sekt & Kirschblüte, HELLOFRESH-ein 20 Euro Gutschein für eine ihrer Koch-Boxen, und die JOLIE Ausgabe für August 2015. Wie ihr in den Fotos sehen könnt, stößt man auf Geschenkpapier, wenn man die Box öffnet, man öffnet es wie ein Geschenk, was ich total süß finde! Die Produkte sind wirklich nützlich und wenn ihr so wie ich Überraschungen und mädchenhafte Sachen liebt, solltet ihr die Boxen unbedingt mal ausprobieren. Ihr könnt entweder nur die Special Edition JOLIE bestellen, oder euch abonnieren und bekommt die Box dann einmal pro Monat zu euch nach hause, jeden Monat mit anderen Überraschungen.

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24 août, 2015

Update August

Hello ladies, I finally finished my summerjob! We came back yesterday, and I can tell you we were really done. It's not bad to live next to the sea, but now I'm looking forward to our new appartement and all the good things that are coming soon.

As I told you in my last post, I'm travelling soon again. And now I will tell you more, I'm invited to the presentation of a new phone in London. So, wednesday I'll be heading to London, guys! I'm pretty happy about that because I love travelling, and I missed going to the northern countries and in a big city where I can do a lot of shopping. Sooo, I will update you as soon as i can from London/after London! Hugs and kisses

13 août, 2015


Hi guys! I'm so sorry it's been a long time that i uploaded anything. I've been working all the time..One and a half week and i've finished work here! And i hope i will have more time then.

I let you with some photos from our visit at Biarritz, i hope you like them
I've been invited to an event in a well known big city in europe end of this month, I can't wait to tell you more about it! I'll do it as soon as i can. Hugs!