07 septembre, 2015

London- Part 1

Hey guys! I'm back for you whit lots of photos. I didn't get to uploqd them earlier since I had to do the article from the event for the new phone honor 7. And also we are moving into our new appartement this week. and the university year is starting so a lot of things to do!!  

But I think you want to hear some about London! It was just great. I love this city, I already went there before when I was younger, but you always see new things that you haven't seen on your first trip. For shopping we went to Oxford street, of course. Bershka, Topshop, Victoria's secret, Primark,.. a woman's heaven! I sure will come back soon to this city, because it's one of my favorite ones! It must be beautiful there around christmas and when it snows. 

We were located in a 5 star hotel called 'The Grange City Hotel', just next to Tower Bridge. I definiteley recommend it to you, if you like me love good and classy hotels ! The breakfast there is awesome, like you can see on the photo!

I hope you like the photos! Have you ever been to London? What do you think about the city? Let me know in the comments :) Part 2 coming soon! Hugs, xx

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