18 novembre, 2015

My favorite Beauty Advent calendars 2015

Hello ladies! We're in december in two weeks!! Yes I have to admit that I'm always crazy about advent calendars, I have every year about 2-3.. Don't judge me,haha.So I was recently searching for my advents calendars for this year and I thought to share this with you.
Here are my seven favorites.. hard to decide! I think I will definitely go for the Benefit 'Party Poppers' and perhaps the one by 'L'Occitane et My Little Paris'.. Why? Because those are brands that I love and I use many products of them. 
The Lush calendar looks cute too, but for this price I prefer going to the store and chose what I want from their products. Which one do you like? 

Benefit Cosmetics, 'Party Poppers', 48,95 €

L'Occitane et My little Paris,  39 €

Coffret 12 Days of Christmas, Lush, 84,95 €

Kerastase, 89 €

Body Shop, 85 €

Yankee Candles, 45,95 €

Sephora, 39,95 €

4 commentaires:

  1. I really want a beauty advent calendar so bad. Those are so cute!

  2. the benefit one is a dream but they are always sold out sooo quickly!
    Pam xo/ Pam Scalfi♥

  3. I love advent calendars but haven't indulged in the since I was a child. The mention of a beauty calendar now has me salivating.


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