23 décembre, 2015

Instagram Update

Hey guyyyys. How are you doing? Tomorrow is christmas! I'm so excited. Have you bought all your christmas presents? I finished today with my christmas shopping. There where so many people everywhereee. Like last year I won't fly home for christmas this year, I will celebrate christmas with my boyfriends family. I love spending time with them, they always do so many cute christmas decorations in their house and it's a very traditional french christmas :) Of course I'm a little sad about not seeing my family in Germany for christmas, but it was just a time problem and flights are just way too expensive around christmas. 

Oh and one thing that I have to announce you, I will get a little puppy! I'm so happy.We'll be driving to the coast next month to get him when he's old enough to leave his mother.

So I didn't post that much on instagram the last time, I always forgot it.. So there are not that much photos. But for those of you who are not on instagram you can see them here :)
Have all a merry christmas, hugs xx

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