19 septembre, 2016

The perfect apartment/ interior inspo

I wanted to share with you my inspiration for my new apartment..I'll move next month!
Some of them I'll realize soon, others have to wait a little ;)

31 juillet, 2016

Trip to Barcelona, OOTD's, Mini-Haul

Hey guys! Sorry for updating you so late, I've been very busy the last month until now! It's summer but I'm still not in vacation. I'm in need!!! Fortunately we could go to Barcelona for a long week end in june, so we could profit and relax a little. But it was not long enough!

Some months ago I changed my hair routine, I only use Aussie and Lush and I think it's the best I can do for my hair (for now). For shampoo I use either the Aussie Repair Miracle or the Lush -Curly Wurly. Then I use the 3 Miracle Oil everytime I feel my hair is a little dry. As deep hair conditioner I love the 3 Minute Miracle by Aussie! As you see I use a lot of repair and moisturize products, that is because I have curly hair and for the moment it's the best hair routine for me. If you want to know more about my hair, tips, and how to have nice curly hair, let me know in the comments :) Bye!

05 juin, 2016

10 gorgeous places you must visit if you haven't yet

1.Positano, Italy

2. Cape Town, South Africa

3.Santorini, Greece

4. Bahamas, USA

5. Venice, Italy

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

7. New York, USA

8. Finland, Saariselka

9. Machu Pichu, Peru

10. Hustadvika, Norway

15 mai, 2016

Mini Haul Lush, NYX

Lush: Massage Bar 'Hottie', Bubble bar 'Rose Jam Bubbleroon', Lip scrub 'Popcorn'
NYX: Wonder pencil 'medium', Soft matte lip cream 'stockholm'

We went out for lunch and a little walk yesterday and I bought some things I felt like I needed :) 
My favorite lip scrub 'Popcorn' that was empty, a massage bar that I absolutely wanted to try out- and I love it and- because you never can have enough of them in your bathroom- a bubble bar!
And since a NYX-store opened this month in my city, I had to stop by to see what it looks like, and I couldn't leave without buying anything!

07 mai, 2016

DM (german drugstore) Beauty Haul

I went home to visit my family and friends in Germany some weeks ago! It felt so good to be in my homeland and to see everybody. And of course I had to stop at the DM drugstore!  
A drugstore like that is something I really miss here in France. Affordable prices, good quality and you find everything you need. I bought lots of shampoos from the DM-brand, they are recommended by hair stylists and cost only about 1-2 euros each! Then I bought some hair protection and styling products, body lotions, a bunch of protein bars ( Sportness Eiweiss Cookie, 0,70 euros each, I love those ones), some dental sticks for Lily, and some shampoos and a après rasage cream for my love! 

Hope you all have a nice week end, Hugs and kisses!

05 avril, 2016

27 mars, 2016

New in- BareMinerals, Mac

I tried out the BareMinerals tinted hydrating gel cream and I really liked it. It is lightweight and doesn't look like you tried too hard. The brand calls it their 'multi-tasking genius that combines skincare benefits and naturally radiant coverage in one'. I got it in the shade 'buttercream' and it perfectly fits my skin tone. It is for a light skin result with golden undertones and a sheer-to-medium coverage with a naturally radiant finish. They promise a 215 % increase in skin hydration after just one week. What I really love is the golden undertones, it gives my face a nice glow but doesn't look like too much.  I also got the BareMineral's smoothing face brush that they recommend for applying the foundation. It is a quality foundation brush that is soft and cleans well.

Then I felt in love with the Mac lipstick in the shade Candy Yum-Yum, so when I stopped at the Mac store I couldn't resist. I was looking for a beautiful bright pink and I couldn't find better. It's also long lasting (about 5 hours). Although it is matte and not drying, I recommend you to exfoliate and moisturize your lips beforehand.