21 janvier, 2016

News from my puppy Lily

Hey guys! because you all wanted to see more from her.. here is more from Lily! 
This post is gonna be small because since Lily ate my Macbook charger at the beginning of the week, I am trying to make last the battery as long as possible- not that easy since I have to use it for university stuff,blogging, (internet shopping:D).. 

So this time I will update you with some Lily photos -she's the funniest and cutest thing I've ever seen in my live. You don't want to know how many people are speaking to me and asking me stuff about her when I go out with her- I feel like a VIP's bodyguard, haha! 

I hope to get a new charger as soon as possible and I thought about maybe doing a new outfit post soon- what do you mean? -Hugs xx

09 janvier, 2016

Last boughts and introducing you to our new family member

I went downtown yesterday because I runned out of my sephora masks- and came back with a ton of them, haha! But I just love them so much, they are so easy to apply and your haul feels so smooth and soft after it. I also got the Naked Smoky Palette- those eyeshadows are just so nice and high pigmented.. and I was just looking for some nice colors for my everyday look but also for going out- Did you know you can apply the dark colors as an eyeliner by just wetting your brush a little? 

Next I wanted to introduce you to our new family member. Her name is Lily and she's a little puppy! She is 2 months old and when she's not sleeping she's running and jumping around everywhere. I'll show you some more photos soon! Hugs xx