21 février, 2016

Every day makeup look

L'oréal Paris- Eyeliner, Super liner perfect slim
MAC- Eyebrow pencil
Chanel- Poudre universelle compacte, natural finish pressed powder
Benefit- Boi-ing, strength full coverage concealer
Benefit- Pore- fessional Primer (pocket-edition)
Benefit- They're real! Mascara
Sephora, Highlight Lowlight Face contour duo
Bourjois - Lipstick Shine Edition 37 Raspberry Kiss
Urban Decay- Naked Smoky Palette

Those are some of the products I usually use, but my every day look variates a lot. It all depends on my mood of the day :D

If I want to do the whole look for every day look, first thing I love doing is an eye-liner wing.. it just makes you look so classy and girlish. And of course contouring, eyebrows and a nice lipstick..colour depends on my outfit! But what goes for almost everything is a nice red shade, and to make it more natural just apply it with your finger and dab it on your lips- just to pronounce the natural color of your lips. Then I use my Naked Smoky Palette, for doing light smokey eyes that go for every day- ever thought about doing smokey eyes not just for the evening ? Just do the same steps as always for a smokey eye look and take lighter shades.Then powder is something I use very rarely and occasionally- at the moment- but my makeup- mood changes so often..
As you perhaps may have noticed I didn't suggest you a foundation- that's because I don't use one, haha! It's been like 3 or 4 years that I don't wear foundation. Just like I didn't felt like it. I wasn't in the mood, haha. But lately I thought about re-starting applying some occasionally maybe. It gives you just that nice flawless touch.

2 Some days I just go for some lip stick and a concealer (just if I have any spots) like in the second picture. That's when I'm 1) running out of time or 2) just feel good like that

3 I call it 'the base' haha. Mascara, contour stick, concealer, lipstick and, if you want, some eyeshadow !

I don't always use these brands, I often switch, but those are just the combinations of products I like doing :)

14 février, 2016

New in (Chanel, Sephora,..)


Chanel, Rouge Allure Velvet, N° 50 La Romanesque
Chanel, Rouge Allure, N° 99 Pirate
Sephora, Highlight Lowlight Face contour duo
Invisibobble, hairband in crystal clear

Hey guys! I hope you had a nice weekend so far.
Since Chanel is my favorite beauty brand and I was looking for some new lipsticks, I couldn't resist.. So here they are, my new baby's too add to my collection! I chose one of the Rouge Allure collection, which is a  nice deep red (N°99, Pirate) and one of the Rouge Allure Velvet collection, which is a matt lipstick in a nice rose shade. (By the way, if you're looking for a really long lasting lipstick you should chose a Dior!)  

Then I wanted to try out the face contour cream stick by sephora because I heard so much about it. I already tried it and I really like it! The application is easy and makes an accurate result. On one side you have a dark shade for contouring the cheeks and the other is for doing the highlighting. 

Last thing I got is the 'Invisibobble'. I love this name, haha. It's a hairband that leaves no trace of wearing and leaves hair kink free. They also say that it avoids headaches and tension. I actually got to know about it when I was searching for some good products for my hair.  I was having very long, healthy and curled hair and destroyed it with colorations and bleaching. Now it got finally healthy again and it' in the process of growing. So i'll apply good products for making them grow until summer! Perhaps I will write an article about that soon..S
o to come back to the topic- I know the invisibobble won't make my hear grow faster but it will help not destroying it like normal hairbands can do!
Don't hesitate to leave me a comment, perhaps you know the products or you use the same.. 


05 février, 2016


..I'm so sorry again it's been a moment that I haven't been able to update you on the blog. Like you know if you read my last article, my little puppy Lily ate the charger of my laptop so for about two weeks I had no laptop. When I saw the price of the original apple charger (100 euros!) I literally felt like crying. Fortunately my boyfriend's parents know somebody who repares stuff like that (shoutout to him, haha). Sooo here I'm back in the blogging world with some details of my outfit from today. Enjoy your day, it's so sunny and hot here! Hugs xx