21 février, 2016

Every day makeup look

L'oréal Paris- Eyeliner, Super liner perfect slim
MAC- Eyebrow pencil
Chanel- Poudre universelle compacte, natural finish pressed powder
Benefit- Boi-ing, strength full coverage concealer
Benefit- Pore- fessional Primer (pocket-edition)
Benefit- They're real! Mascara
Sephora, Highlight Lowlight Face contour duo
Bourjois - Lipstick Shine Edition 37 Raspberry Kiss
Urban Decay- Naked Smoky Palette

Those are some of the products I usually use, but my every day look variates a lot. It all depends on my mood of the day :D

If I want to do the whole look for every day look, first thing I love doing is an eye-liner wing.. it just makes you look so classy and girlish. And of course contouring, eyebrows and a nice lipstick..colour depends on my outfit! But what goes for almost everything is a nice red shade, and to make it more natural just apply it with your finger and dab it on your lips- just to pronounce the natural color of your lips. Then I use my Naked Smoky Palette, for doing light smokey eyes that go for every day- ever thought about doing smokey eyes not just for the evening ? Just do the same steps as always for a smokey eye look and take lighter shades.Then powder is something I use very rarely and occasionally- at the moment- but my makeup- mood changes so often..
As you perhaps may have noticed I didn't suggest you a foundation- that's because I don't use one, haha! It's been like 3 or 4 years that I don't wear foundation. Just like I didn't felt like it. I wasn't in the mood, haha. But lately I thought about re-starting applying some occasionally maybe. It gives you just that nice flawless touch.

2 Some days I just go for some lip stick and a concealer (just if I have any spots) like in the second picture. That's when I'm 1) running out of time or 2) just feel good like that

3 I call it 'the base' haha. Mascara, contour stick, concealer, lipstick and, if you want, some eyeshadow !

I don't always use these brands, I often switch, but those are just the combinations of products I like doing :)

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