16 mars, 2016

Younique make-up review

Hello ladies! I found a cute little packet from Shelby from Younique in my mailbox yesterday. Since I already heard about that brand and it's famous '3 D Mascara' I was happy to receive some products of them and to make a review for you.
In the packet I received the 3D-Mascara (yeeey!) and a lip gloss.
So I don't know if you feel the same, but I find it so hard to find a really good mascara that makes the perfect lashes. I mean, the perfect one would be one that makes nice lashes for every day after one application and the wow-are you wearing false lashes?-effect after two applications. I was trying out so many different mascaras and brands, and I am always changing, because I haven't found that one that convinced me. The last one I tried was the Benefit -They're real- I liked it, but it is so hard to get off !! I had red eyes after the first time I used it because I literally had to scrub it off my eyes. Not cool! So I found out they are selling the eye- make up remover for this mascara (let's all wonder why).. So I tried it, it works good, but it burns in the eyes..so just for telling you how hard it is for me to find a good mascara :D
So yesterday I tried out the 3D-Mascara from Younique. It comes in a nice small bag with a manual explaining how to apply it. First thing: There are actually two mascaras! One is the 'Transplanting gel' and the other '3D fibers'. You first apply the Transplanting Gel, then instantly the 3D fibers before it gets dry. They say you can repeat it as many times as you want and until you get the result you want. I will be honest- the result is really nice! And you don't feel full on the eyes. Another important thing for me was how 'easy' it is to get off- and I swear- I was shocked- because I thought since it made that nice effect one the eye and those big lashes, for me it couldn't be easy to get off. Well, it is. I applied my make up- remover and it all get off without a problem and without leaving any rests. Girls, I really recommend you this one. It's incredible!!
Then I got a Lip gloss in the shade 'Livid'. I'd say it' a brown-orange shade. To be honest, I can't tell you much about lip glosses because I am not a huge fan of them- I prefer wearing lip sticks. But I gave it a try since Shelby was so nice and sent it to me. I think I won't wear that shade every day, but it's a really interesting color and combining with the fitting outfit it might be pretty cool! Little plus is, it hasn't that glue-effect like most lip glosses- one thing I hate about them! It feels light one the lips. So I am glad I gave it a try :)
Thanks again to Shelby for sending me the products! If you want you can check out her page, she is a Younique-presenter and don't hesitate to contact her for any questions or if you are interested in the products.

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  1. You look very pretty! :) You need to do more Outfit of the Day Posts!! :)

  2. Lovely make up! Loving the lippy actually :)